About Me

Hello, my name is Jake Thomas Nauheimer.  I have played with and enjoyed LEGO  since the wee age of three,  and since then my love for the toy has never ceased. In fact, in 2018 I was chosen as part of the Creative Crew by the Legoland Discovery Center, which was a contest in which twelve kids are chosen to participate in monthly  meetings which teach them new LEGO skills and techniques.

BRICKCLONEME was first started when my dad asked me to build a minifigure scale model of his office. I did so and he brought the model in to show his co-workers. The interesting part, however, started two days later when one of my dad's co-workers wanted me to make a minifigure of him. I said yes on one condition. He would pay seven dollars to keep it. The man accepted, and thus BRICKCLONEME was born.